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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Angry Seed- Album Review

Unsigned punk-rock band, The Angry Seed’s self-titled album is their debut offering, available for free download at:
Opening track, Sleeping with sharks, is a catchy affair with a style reminiscent of Alkaline Trio. The track features brutally honest and confessional lyrics: “You chewed me up and spat me out like your last beer.”

Packed with angst-driven lyrics about young love and a beat that could make the most miserable of critics feel the urge to dance, this track is easily going to appeal to The Angry Seed’s generation and go down a storm at gigs.

All the cool kids are dead is an upbeat anthem with a dark twist, touching on self harm, vampires and funerals to mention a few topics. 

Boldly declaring “See you in the cemetery” and “It’s getting light out, back to bed she goes, pull the blinds shut before you turn to stone.” The Angry Seed’s darker influences become apparent in the two and a half minute blood-thirsty anthem. 

Scars is the track that sounds out to me on this album. The intro reminds me of Teenage Kicks by The Undertones and this is where the band truly earns their punk-rock stripes. 

The pounding chorus certainly delivers on its heartfelt lyrics: “You and I run deep, deeper than the sea, farther than you’d believe,” are packed into a melody that’s perfect for the upcoming festival season.

Overall, The Angry Seed’s first offering is an honest, powerful and highly contagious album with an edge to it that only comes with independently produced records. The Angry Seed have an album packed with punk-pop anthems behind them that can’t fail to impress at live shows.

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