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Monday, 23 January 2012

Of The Night: 'We want to make you dance'

Adam- proudly wearing his Red Thread.
Five piece alternative rock band, Of The Night took the stage in Nottingham this January proving exactly why they will be the ones to watch in 2012.

Fresh from auditions for the Glastonbudget music festival (Leicester), local band Of The Night showcased fresh material at underground live music venue, The Maze (15/01/2012). 

Headlining this particular show, Of The Night opened with their new material, a currently untitled but catchy track. This was followed by an old favourite track of theirs called “Nightmares.”

Frontman Adam Richmond, 20, took time between songs to promote the Red Thread Movement, a charity that the band supports to raise awareness of and combat sex trafficking. The red charity bracelets were sold throughout the show.

One of the band’s older songs “100” revealed a unique brand of showmanship as Adam asked the crowd to all kneel down on the floor during the bridge of the song before getting them to “jump up and dance” when the chorus kicked in.

Guitarist, Emma Bladon Jones giving frontman 
Adam a break as she took lead vocals
for “Brick by Boring Brick.”
This infusion of energy into the audience kick-started chaos as the passionate frontman threw himself around the stage. He threw caution to the wind as he swung his microphone around (narrowly missing his own head).

Along with their own material, Of The Night also stirred up members of the audience who were not familiar with their material with some cover songs, including Paramore’s “Brick by boring brick” and Muse’s “Hysteria.”

The raw energy and talent on show tonight was not your average local band trying to make it big. This is a band that is determined, driven and talented. Although the individual musicians’ styles are hugely varied, this gives them the edge. 

Of The Night are not a band to be pinned down to one style, they are adaptable and most importantly unpredictable, and for this reason there will never be another band like them.  

Of The Night: set to record
their debut studio album in 2012.
They proved this whilst debuting new song “Lunar Sea” which was packed with original lyrics and a quirky yet amazingly catchy riff that even on first listen, had the audience dancing.

Drummer, Adam Baskill discussed the future of the band: “We’re focusing on our live performance, we want to make every crowd jump and dance until their feet are sore. We’re also excited to get into the studio this year to record our first album.” 

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